Spa Room

Enjoy our Spa Room where you can relax and be rejuvenated in a complete urban oasis Read More


European Facials

A deep cleansing and exfoliate facial, combined with a face, neck, shoulder, and hand massage, followed by a replenishing mask. Read More


Acne Facials

The skin is analyzed, cleansed, toned, and pre-treated with an acne solution. After steaming, extraction of clogged pores is followed by a calming mask, and cold towels and protective cream.Read More


Gentlemen Facials

Similar to European, this treatment is tailored to the specific need of men’s skin. This facial deep cleans, retexture, and conitions the skin using products that are specially designed to leave a gentleman’s skin healthy, hydrated and energized.Read More


Back Facial

A soothing back facial therapy with deep pone cleansing, exfoliation, massage and mask, which leaves the skin glowing and fully hydrated.Read More


Chemical Peel services

20 and 35 percent of Glycolic Acid peel is used for tightening oily and acne prone skin types. 70 percent of Lactic Acid peel is used for tightening, discoloration and sensitive skin typesRead More


Lactic Acid peel

70 percent of Lactic Acid peel is used for tightening, discoloration and sensitive skin types. Read More



Therapeutic or Swedish massage, is the most familiar massage (and most popular), which incorporates hands strokes, rubbing and applied pressure to relax and manipulate muscles. This also includes oil to create five types of strokes (gliding, kneading, rubbing, shaking and pounding) to enhance the outcome.Read More


Deep Tissue

Made for people with muscle tension, pain and stress by applying pressure on the opposite direction of the muscles causing the aches and pain. This massage is great for athletes or anyone who is expressing muscle discomfort.Read More



This massage is designed for pregnant women. The perfect relaxation that enhances one’s sleep relieves headaches, leg cramps, pain and reduces swelling and fatigue. Read More


Hot stones

Warm and oily stones are placed on one’s back and hand strokes are incorporated. The warmth of the stones and the massaging of the therapists relieve stress and tension all over the body.Read More


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